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Adj.1.yellow-spotted - having yellow spots
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
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If you watch bees foraging on horse chestnuts, they nearly always go to the yellow-spotted flowers, not the flowers with the pink spot which have been pollinated so won't have a reward.
Some of the marine species that have made the new coral their home include an octopus, angel fish, yellow-spotted boxfish, different species of prawn and shrimps, Painted Sweetlips, orange-spotted grouper and surgeon fish.
In 2010, the yellow-spotted bell frog (Litoria castanea), which was presumed to be extinct, was rediscovered in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia.
Washington, March 11(ANI): Scientists have found a new frog species in Papua New Guinea, which undergoes a "striking" change from a black, yellow-spotted youngster to a peach-colored, blue-eyed adult.
The Yellow-spotted Bell Frog (Litoria castanea) was discovered by scientists in the southern tablelands, a rural region about 500 kilometers southwest of Sydney.
With a backyard that is bordered by open space, I've had the opportunity to observe wildlife and plants that many people seldom see up close: foxes, coyotes, fisher cats, wild turkeys, herons, yellow-spotted turtles, lady-slippers, jack-in-the-pulpits and so much more.
From a cottontail rabbit, who raises five tiny kits, to a yellow-spotted salamander, to a raccoon mother, milk snakes, and more, each inhabitant finds safety and security while they need it, yet each has to move on when the time comes.