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Adj.1.yellow-white - of a white tinged with yellow
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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A few scraggly, yellow-white locks had supplanted the thick, dark hair that had covered his head.
Presently we came to trees, all charred and brown, and so to a bare place covered with a yellow-white incrustation, across which a drifting smoke, pungent in whiffs to nose and eyes, went drifting.
Lady Montbarry lifted her hands threateningly, with the long, lean, yellow-white fingers outspread and crooked at the tips.
Lady Otway sighed, it may be at the faded relics, and turned, with resignation, to her balls of wool, which, curiously and characteristically, were not an ivory-white, but rather a tarnished yellow-white. She had called her niece in for a little chat.
My roses have behaved as well on the whole as was to be expected, and the Viscountess Folkestones and Laurette Messimys have been most beautiful, the latter being quite the loveliest things in the garden, each flower an exquisite loose cluster of coral-pink petals, paling at the base to a yellow-white. I have ordered a hundred standard tea-roses for planting next month, half of which are Viscountess Folkestones, because the tea-roses have such a way of hanging their little heads that one has to kneel down to be able to see them well in the dwarf forms-- not but what I entirely approve of kneeling before such perfect beauty, only it dirties one's clothes.
Placing the card on the couch at her side, she pointed with her long yellow-white forefinger to the printed letter lying side by side with her own letter on Mercy's lap.
It looked exanimate enough, with its idle wheel looming above the black stream dashed with yellow-white spume, and its cluster of sheds sagging under their white load.
Valentin stood and smoked in front of the yellow-white blinds and considered them long.
Let us see if he flies at me." And he laid his plump, yellow-white fingers, on which the canary-birds had been perching ten minutes before, upon the formidable brute's head, and looked him straight in the eyes.
Patches of nasty ooze floated, yellow-white, on the dead surface of the water.
Thorax: Dark red-brown to black, extensively dull gold pruinose, orange and pale yellow-white setose.
Hair glows blue-white and urine glows yellow-white when dry, bluer when fresh.