yellowish brown

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Noun1.yellowish brown - a medium to dark tan coloryellowish brown - a medium to dark tan color    
brown, brownness - an orange of low brightness and saturation
snuff-color, snuff-colour - dark yellowish brown
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Pontellier's eyes were quick and bright; they were a yellowish brown, about the color of her hair.
"Pat is dead," said the Story Girl hopelessly, as we returned one evening from a bootless quest to Andrew Cowan's where a strange gray cat had been reported--a cat which turned out to be a yellowish brown nondescript, with no tail to speak of.
While crossing, I saw numerous whales belonging to the three kinds peculiar to the southern seas; the whale, or the English "right whale," which has no dorsal fin; the "humpback," with reeved chest and large, whitish fins, which, in spite of its name, do not form wings; and the fin-back, of a yellowish brown, the liveliest of all the cetacea.
He was dressed in an awkward suit of yellowish brown. The youth could see that the soles of his shoes had been worn to the thinness of writing paper, and from a great rent in one the dead foot projected piteously.
It was a yellowish brown and seemed coated with a rough and half-dry mucus.
They have a pale yellowish brown to tan body and their midsection has dark parallel stripes.
too The female is yellowish brown but both sexes have a very distinctive white stripe on their wings, which helps to identify them in flight.
Diagnosis: Median occipital sclerites black; hind legs at least partly yellow, hind tibia and base of hind basitarsus black; CuP (postcubitus) developed at most as hyaline, M3 straight as parallel to M2; R2+3 arising close to anterior cross-vein, not confluent with R1; scutum uniformly yellow to yellowish brown; wings not infumated; lower half of frontal callus pale.
Four distinct lithological units were identified in the Patala Formation in stratigraphic order from bottom to top; unit-1: is composed of creamy and light grey thick bedded to nodular limestone interbedded with dark grey and greenish shales, unit-2: is dominantly composed of dark grey shales, unit-3: is yellowish, thick bedded larger foraminifera rich limestone interbedded with greenish to yellowish brown shale and unit-4: it is dominantly composed of greenish grey shale.
Langra mango's flesh is fiber-less, yellowish brown in color and has a strong smell when it ripens.
Frons yellowish brown frontal length 0.5 (0.4) mm; frontal index = 1.0 (0.97), top to bottom width ratio = 1.4 (1.4).