yellowish green

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Noun1.yellowish green - a shade of green tinged with yellowyellowish green - a shade of green tinged with yellow
green, viridity, greenness - green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass
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Little mounds of yellowish green were away at the right, while on the left waved a group of tall leafy trees bearing yellow blossoms that looked like tassels and pompoms.
They appear to vary their tints according to the nature of the ground over which they pass: when in deep water, their general shade was brownish purple, but when placed on the land, or in shallow water, this dark tint changed into one of a yellowish green.
A string of yellowish green light exaggerates the singer's elaborate headpiece, giving her an alien-like silhouette.
As they heal, bruises go through colour changes from purple to brown to a yellowish green colour due to the breakdown of blood.
The accessory tool is a plastic, clear yellowish green attachment with a black turbine fan and black brush roll with white bristles.
and is an oily transparent liquid with yellow or yellowish green colour, with characteristic aroma of roses.
The new look of SPE overall will be punctuated with a yellowish green that should enforce a "green" image, in combination with a gray and black background and contrast colors.
17) with yellowish green spot with dispersed boundary at central part; eyes somewhat dark brown with dark red tinge; antennal scape yellowish brown; lower parts of eyes and back of eyes yellowish green.
Yellowish green colors come from the compound barium chloride; barium nitrate gives a brighter green.
Emergent leaves light green to yellowish green, stem base in coning or mature plants greater tan 8 cm diam up to +21 cm diam Z.
Expert tip: Cornus alba Aurea produces the best bright yellow leaves in spring that turn yellowish green then brighter yellow in autumn.