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1. (Historical Terms) of, relating to, or like a yeoman
2. having the virtues attributed to yeomen, such as staunchness, loyalty, and courage
in a yeomanly manner, as in being brave, staunch, or loyal


(ˈyoʊ mən li)

1. of the condition or rank of a yeoman.
2. pertaining to or characteristic of a yeoman; sturdy and dependable; staunch.
3. like or as befits a yeoman.
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Believing that previous collections of Old English verse put into modern English by single translators seldom noteworthy as original poets have suffered from lack of both poetry and a variety of poetic voices, the editors commissioned versions from writers known best as poets themselves, though plenty of these (Seamus Heaney, Richard Wilbur, James Harpur, and many Irish men and women who have done yeomanly service to Gaelic poetry) are famous as translators, too.
Plutus I haue seene you a thousand times at my maisters and yet I had neuer the manners to make you drinke, but sir, I am glad to see how conformable you are to the statute, I warrant you hees as yeomanly a man, as you shall see, marke you maisters, heers a plaine honest man, without welt or garde, but I pray you sir do you come lately from hel?
When Miller had offered his biography in the wake of Winslow's, he had simply shrugged off his competitor's contribution as a yeomanly effort--solid, thorough, reliable, and entirely beside the point.