yerba mate

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yerba ma·te

 (mä′tā) also yerba ma·té (mä-tā′)
See mate3.

[American Spanish : yerba, herb (from Latin herba, herb) + mate, calabash container used for mate, mate (from Quechua mati, calabash container).]



n., v. mat•ed, mat•ing. n.
1. a husband or wife; spouse.
2. one member of a pair of mated animals.
3. one of a pair: a mate of a glove.
5. an associate or companion.
b. an assistant to a warrant officer or other functionary on a ship.
7. an aide, as to a skilled worker.
8. Archaic. peer; match.
9. to join as mates.
10. to bring (animals) together for breeding.
11. to join or associate suitably; couple.
12. to treat as comparable.
13. to become mated.
14. to copulate.
15. to marry.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle Low German; replacing Middle English mette, Old English gemetta messmate, guest; akin to meat]
mate′less, adj.



n., v.t. mat•ed, mat•ing,
[1175–1225; Middle English mat defeated (adj.), defeat (n.) < Old French « Persian]


or ma•te

(ˈmɑ teɪ, ˈmæt eɪ, mɑˈteɪ)

n., pl. -tés or -tes.
1. a South American holly tree, Ilex paraguariensis.
2. the dried leaves of this tree.
3. a tealike South American beverage made from these leaves.
Also called yerba maté.
[1710–20; < American Spanish mate, orig. the vessel in which the herb is steeped < Quechua mati]
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Pero la yerba mate aparece todavia mas rica en significados orientados de muy diversos sentidos y valorados siempre positivamente en el territorio misionero; significados que remiten no solo a su produccion sino que tambien -la mayoria de ellos- se hallan vinculados con su consumo.
Examples include Organic Raspberry Leaf, which supports the female system; Organic Smooth Move, a herbal stimulant laxative; Organic Nighty Night, for evening relaxation; and Organic Yerba Mate, which promotes mental alertness.
000 toneladas de yerba mate elaborada, de las cuales el 88% se consume en el pais y el 12% se exporta principalmente a los paises arabes y MERCOSUR.
Yerba mate tea, which is derived from yerba mate plants that naturally contain caffeine as well as other natural stimulants, is a popular choice.
Yerba mate (pronounced mott-ee), a South American "health tonic," is a new alternative to the morning cup of coffee or afternoon energy drink.
For those not in the know, mate is the national drink of Argentina and Paraguay, derived from the yerba mate tree and renowned for both its energy kick and its nutrition.
Made from ground leaves of yerba mate and hot water, mate is making its debut of sorts in restaurants and bars.
It's a thinly veiled reference to methamphetamines, but the San Fransisco company admits there is no meth in it - just rich arabica coffee beans and yerba mate.
One possible answer is yerba mate (or mate), a tea-like beverage with a flavor characterized as being somewhat sweet with slightly bitter tones and a similarity to tea (Camellia sinensis), although with less astringency.
I reckon they will have been downing more than the odd bucket or two of Yerba mate, their country's national drink.
It turns out that yerba mate is a tea brewed from the dried leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant, a small shrub that, like stevia, grows in South American countries.
El primero de tales grupos solo estara interesado en demandar yerba mate y el ultimo solo estara interesado en demandar azucar, en tanto que el grupo de tomadores de mate dulce demandara ambos productos.