Last night.

yes′ter·night′ adv.


archaic yesterday night


(ˈyɛs tərˈnaɪt)
Archaic. n.
1. last night.
2. during last night.
[before 900]
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she has disturbed me, night and day, through eighteen years - incessantly - remorselessly - till yesternight; and yesternight I was tranquil.
quoth Robin, when he beheld his sorry countenance, "are you not he whom I heard no longer ago than yesternight caroling so blithely about 'a lassie back i' the town'?
It was him that roused him up yesternight, and, what's more, my man knew he was comin', for he had steam up in the launch.
but rely on this, that when the Templar crossed the hall yesternight, he spoke to his Mussulman slaves in the Saracen language, which I well understand, and charged them this morning to watch the journey of the Jew, to seize upon him when at a convenient distance from the mansion, and to conduct him to the castle of Philip de Malvoisin, or to that of Reginald Front-de-B
Quoth Robin, "Now will I go to seek this same Friar of Fountain Abbey of whom we spake yesternight, and I will take with me four of my good men, and these four shall be Little John, Will Scarlet, David of Doncaster, and Arthur a Bland.
I tell you, my fair lord," she was saying, "that it is no fit training for a demoiselle: hawks and hounds, rotes and citoles singing a French rondel, or reading the Gestes de Doon de Mayence, as I found her yesternight, pretending sleep, the artful, with the corner of the scroll thrusting forth from under her pillow.
However, Commissioner of Police Abdulmalik Sunmonu yesternight told the Nigerian Tribune that he was not really certain of the alleged abduction based on the information at his disposal.
The US was expected to raise the Fed Funds rate a quarter point yesternight to between 1.
Not far, one Muliteus, my countryman His wife but yesternight was brought to bed.
Yesternight Entertainment, Hit 55 Ventures and Creative Wealth Media Financing.
Liverpool International Music Festival curator Yaw Owusu said: "It's been really great working with Yesternight Productions to bring this event to LIMF 2015.
The object to mine eye yesternight at supper hath taken so deep impression in my heart that every trifling thought increaseth my affection.