n. Scots
Yesterday evening.


Scot yesterday evening
[C14: from yest(e)r- + e(v)en2]


n., Scot.
yesterday evening; last evening.
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Bearcraft - Yestreen The debut solo album from Dicky Moore - sometime Scritti Politti guitarist turned electro singer-songwriter - shows great promise.
Marchen A ferlie cam' ben to me yestreen marvel; came inside; yesterday evening A lady jimp an' sma', slender, delicate, graceful, neat Wi' a milk-white snood an' a kirtle green; Yellow and bricht were her bonny een, An' she said, "Will ye come awa'"?
Late late yestreen I saw the new moone, Wi' the auld moone in hir arme; And I feir, I feir, my deir master, That we will cum to harme.
And imagine the local health centre's reaction to Yestreen I Had a Pint o' Wine.