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According to the report, the document was sent to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education, as well as the SGK, the Student Selection and Placement Center (EuSYM) and the Higher Education Board (YEuK).
The St Mellons-based company received the award from Youth Employment UK (YEUK), a UK-wide campaign dedicated to tackling youth unemployment.
The relation between the film's blind girl, Yeuk, and her boyfriend-to-be, Ming (played by the internationally acclaimed actor Tony Leung), both resembles and subverts the City Lights scenario.
HERE'S LOOKIN' AT YOU KID: Robyn Vine studies a land snail YEUK: Otis Mills above with a milipede and Charlie Bol and mum Jane with a tarantula FURRY FUN: Ella Ecclestone, three, of Gosforth gets to know a gerbil during the sesion at the Centre for Life
Offset 1: anna awes erne owse pelt phiz yeuk yoke pelts verne
A dimpled and great-humored blind woman, Hoi Yeuk (Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah), helps him out of a bind and then asks for his professional services.
YEUK: Apparently we Irish (except me) like rides which leave us feeling sick
She looked at the tableau before us and said: 'Yeuk!
PM: Leeds (yeuk!) beat Arsenal (boring!) but how can you take any pleasure when all it means is that United (bleuaagh!) will win the title?