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From a medical implant design standpoint, once the yield point is reached, deformation of the material after that becomes permanent and irreversible to its original shape.
The determination of yield point and natural draw ratio particularly help POY yarn producers to reduce claims.
According to Cottrell and Bilby, strain aging and the subsequent phenomenon, that is, yield point elongation, could be controlled by the concentration of the interstitial solute atoms and of the mobile dislocation density.
where [V.sub.d] is the design base shear, [V.sub.y] is the base shear at the structural yield point, and [[DELTA].sub.max] is maximum roof story displacement of the structure, [[DELTA].sub.y] is the displacement at the structural yield point.
This indicates that the maximum curvature or yield point of an unreinforced tree under pressure will be induced at the breast height of the tree.
Due to the above mechanism of the opposite effect, the relative differential permeability of carbon steels initially increases with the increase in the stress and then decreased at the yield point of the material [25].
The obtained main static mechanical properties in within the group are very similar: steel's CS500 yield point [R.sub.el] = 300 MPa; tensile stress [R.sub.m] = 512MPa; elasticity modulus E = 200 GPa.
A marked decay in the apparent modulus will be observed for plastics that are under continuous stress at levels below the yield point of the material for an extended period of time.
In the stage of plastic deformation, with the increase in the model size, the limit yield stress and the corresponding yield strain of the material decrease and the plastic yield point moves forward.
Yield or Berry Size," in which the real action in loss of quality occurs above some specific relatively high yield point. If the relationship of quality to yield indeed follows Curve 2, reducing crop below "60" would have no effect on the wine, and hence sacrificing yield would hardly be the virtue that it is generally held out to be (in contrast to Curve 1, where every reduction in yield brings an increase in quality).