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v. yo·deled, yo·del·ing, yo·dels or yo·delled or yo·del·ling
To sing so that the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal chest voice and a falsetto.
To sing (a song) by yodeling.
A song or cry that is yodeled.

[German jodeln, from German dialectal jo, exclamation of delight, of imitative origin.]

yo′del·er n.
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Noun1.yodeling - singing by changing back and forth between the chest voice and a falsetto
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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Despite being about 10 years too young to ideally master the craft, young Jackson was yodeling within 20 minutes.
This year Carolina Country Music Festival is introducing a special guest Mason Ramsey a.k.a The "Yodeling Kid" in the show.
Born as Mary Joan Kath, the future star grew up on an 80-acre (32-hectare) farm in central Illinois, where she learned yodeling from her Swiss grandmother.
When I was a child and first heard yodeling, all I knew was that it did something to me, and that what it did to me was strange, mysterious, and maybe even (if I were wont to use such terms back then) spiritual and profound.
Yodel in Hi-Fi: From Kitch Folk to Contemporary Electronica is a grand celebration of the history, tradition, and modern-day yodeling performances worldwide.
An Austrian court has recently fined a citizen for yodeling while mowing his lawn, according to a report in The Kronen Zeitung newspaper.
Possibly, it's the combination of a yodeling contest and a chocolate cake-eating contest that's hard to ignore.
Elton Britt was famous for yodeling. He had a rare, smooth yodel that didn't chase away the average listener.
Backed-up with banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer, percussion, and even yodeling, "Cathy & Marcy's Song Shop: Life In Concert" includes sing-along songs, Clap-along tunes, and 'Sign-alongs' that will delight and engage young viewers.
Young professionals in Switzerland are flocking to yodeling classes to reduce stress and increase energy.
Highlights include a startling but harmonious marriage between Outkast's jackhammer-fast "B.O.B." and the Cure's lilting "Love Song," and MC Joe's Latino hip-hop meltdown "Melo Do Piddle Le He He," which features honest-to-God yodeling!
Maximum branding was achieved at each event through signage, not to mention all that yodeling!