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n. pl. yo·gis
One who is adept in yoga.

[Hindi yogī, from Sanskrit, from yogaḥ, union; see yoga.]


n, pl -gis or -gin (-ɡɪn)
1. (Philosophy) a person who is a master of yoga
2. (Hinduism) a person who is a master of yoga
yogini fem n


(ˈyoʊ gi)

n., pl. -gis.
a person who practices yoga.
[1610–20; < Skt yogī, nominative singular of yogin, derivative of yoga yoga]
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Noun1.Yogi - United States baseball player (born 1925)
2.yogi - one who practices yoga and has achieved a high level of spiritual insight
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
يوغي: شَخْص يُمارِس اليوغا
maîur sem stundar/kennir jóga
yoga öğreticisiyogi


[ˈjəʊgɪ] N (yogis or yogin (pl)) [ˈjəʊgɪn]yogui m


[ˈjəʊgi] nyogi m


nJogi m, → Yogi m


(ˈyougə) noun
1. any of several systems of physical exercises based on a Hindu system of philosophy and meditation.
2. the philosophy (usually including the meditation and exercises).
ˈyogi (-gi) noun
a person who practises and/or teaches the yoga philosophy.
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Beyond Yoga, Manila's premier yoga studio, is bringing home Australia-based yogini Anna Carbonell for a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training from Jan.
Stay connected to those you love with the Strike-a-pose yogini assorted notecard set and you will be helping to bring yoga and meditation to those who need it most.
I got certified in children's yoga with Teeny Yogini, out of Philadelphia, PA.
Picture a yogi or yogini and the image is more likely to involve intricate poses and meditation.
Eugenia's next metamorphosis, from society wife into yogini, proves no less fascinating.
He uses the term 'yogini', suggesting they are emblems of a yogini Tantra cult derived from the Hevajra-tantra and calls these structures yogini halls.
She is Lalla- Arifa (Lalla, the Realised One) for Muslim scholars, Lalla Yogishwari (Lalla, the adept in Yogic practices), Lalleshwari or Lalla Yogini for Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) or simply Lalla or Mother Lalla as lay Kashmiri people of all faiths like to call her.
Bulging prominently at its top and bottom, the abstract maroon and red Yogini, 1986, resembles an enlarged, ancient fertility fetish.
Navigating through the world, from India to California and Brazil to get a world perspective from new age spiritualist Deepak Chopra and celebrity yogini Deepika Mehta,the programme demystifies yoga's worldwide appeal.
The workshop will be held at Yogini Yoga studio, which is located north of the Budaiya Highway in the vicinity of the Najibi Centre (Saar Alosra).