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the practice or system of yoga
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Yogism, Yoga

1. an orthodox Hindu philosophical system concerned with the liberation of the self from its noneternal elements or states.
2. any system of exercises and disciplines for achieving such liberation of self. — Yogi, Yogin, n.
See also: Hinduism
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For example, listening to a loquacious but lethargic vice president of marketing, there was Vince Lombardi's opening-of-practice advice to his players: "If you're not fired with enthusiasm, you'll be fired with enthusiasm." Or the dean of Locker-Room Logic himself offering yet another Yogism as he observed that conjuring a good plan is, by itself, not enough: hard work is also required.
Mindfulness has it origins in Buddhist traditions, stretching back thousands of years to Yogism, Taoism and Judaism, and has been applied to improve personal relationships, and more recently, to enrich the work environment.
Every extravagant idea that was not subject to regulation reaped a golden harvest: theosophy, occultism, yogism, and Paracelcism.