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An alkaloid, C21H26N2O3, that is derived from the bark of a tree, Pausinystalia johimbe, and is an alpha-blocker drug used in the form of its hydrochloride as a mydriatic, a treatment for erectile dysfunction, and formerly as an aphrodisiac.

[New Latin yohimbe, former specific epithet (of Cameroonian Bantu origin; akin to Douala djombe, the tree from which yohimbine is derived) + -ine.]
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(Elements & Compounds) an alkaloid found in the bark of the tree Corynanthe yohimbe. It is used in medicine as an adrenergic blocking agent. Formula: C21H26N2O3
[C19: from Bantu yohimbé a tropical African tree + -ine1]
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(yoʊˈhɪm bin)

an extract of the bark of the yohimbe or rauwolfia tree, used medicinally to oppose the effects of epinephrine.
[1895–1900; yohimb (e) + -ine2; perhaps orig. formed in German]
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n yohimbina
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Both caffeine and yohimbine, a drug with similar anxiety-producing effects, may increase the flow of calcium into neurons, a process controlled by adenosine, say the Yale scientists.
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Potential cardiovascular risks were also raised with a product combining caffeine with synephrine (from the ingredient bitter orange) and with two products containing yohimbine, an erectile dysfunction remedy.
Moreover, some botanicals--such as black cohosh, water hemlock, ephedra, kava kava, yohimbine, guarana, and ginkgo seeds--are known to induce seizures, which could negate an AED's efficacy.
What It Might Do: Small amounts of yohimbine, the active compound in yohimbe bark, increase sexual drive in male rats.
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* Yohimbine. The use of this herb in human pregnancies has not been reported.