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Malik Yonis Khan, a local elder, appreciated the Pakistan Red Crescent and political administration for extending support to the locals.
For his part, Yonis Abdelsalam, a representative from Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) hailed Kuwait's humanitarian efforts to earthquake victims and to those in special need and expressed gratitude for such support.
Hours after the resignation of the cabinet, Hani Yonis, media assistant to former prime minister Ibrahim Mehleb, said Saturday that his duties in the cabinet have ended.
Front row, students Yonis Ali, Ruta Taskinaite and Manoj Janjuha, all aged 17
Interior Minister Abdikarim Hussein Guled represented Somalia in the talks, while Somaliland was represented by its foreign minister, Mohamed Bihi Yonis.
This came during a visit paid by the South Korean senior official to the Saudi embassy in Seoul where he was received by the Saudi ambassador Ahmad Yonis Al-Barrak and the embassy staff members.
Sissi and Al-Mahmoud were welcomed by the state governor Osman Kibir and the UNAMID deputy chief Mohamed Yonis besides tribal leaders and thousands of supporters mobilized for the event.
The merchandise, which also sells on Etsy, includes "portrait pendants" crafted from photos of customers' "Yonis" and uterus-shaped pillows fashioned after feminist icons Frida Kahlo and Rosie the Riveter.
Meanwhile, the Home Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan Captain (Retd) Muhammad Usman Yonis said two trucks laden with relief goods have been dispatched to the affected areas.
Yonis Mohammed Othman, IT Senior Manager at Dubai Customs, and Ms.
Unknown to authorities, Somalian Yonis Dirie had raped a woman at a bus stop four years before the robbery.