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 (yo͝or; yər when unstressed)
Contraction of you are.


(jʊə; jɔː; unstressed)
contraction of
you are


(yʊər; unstressed yər)
contraction of you are.


1. 'your'

You use your /jə/ or /jɔː/ to show that something belongs or relates to the person or people that you are speaking to.

Can I borrow your pen?
Where's your father?
2. 'you're'

You are is also sometimes pronounced /jɔː/. When you write down what someone says, you write this as you're. Don't write it as 'your'.

You're quite right.
You're not an expert.



(ˈbiː giː) abbreviation
Bachelor of Engineering; first degree in Engineering.
References in classic literature ?
How would you like to be shut up for hours with a nervous, fussy old lady, who keeps you trotting, is never satisfied, and worries you till you you're ready to fly out the window or cry?
Maybe you're thinking of joining forces with the professor again, as you did when you dug the big tunnel.
you're an impatient boy, sir, and cannot give the gentlemen leisure for their march
So, if you're ready, boys, we'll just waltz down to Thompson's and pack up the shanty.
You think you're a good deal of a big-bug, DON'T you?
I reckon you're a kind of a singed cat, as the saying is -- better'n you look.
Say--the next time you're going in there, don't you reckon you could spread the door and--"
But, dear me, I beg your pardon, you're holding the fruit all this time.
Come, come, Master Marner," said the landlord, now rising resolutely, and seizing Marner by the shoulder, "if you've got any information to lay, speak it out sensible, and show as you're in your right mind, if you expect anybody to listen to you.
But now, you look here: you're young, you are, but you're as smart as paint.
Perhaps you can tell me this, Gabriel, as you're an intimate friend of the management: When I went up to M.
And I say it again, you're acting the part of a selfish light-minded scoundrel though it cuts me to th' heart to say so, and I'd rather ha' lost my right hand.