you bet

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1. An agreement usually between two parties that the one who has made an incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome will forfeit something stipulated to the other; a wager: made a bet that it would stop raining before 2:00.
2. An amount or object risked in a wager; a stake: a bet of $50.
3. One on which a stake is or can be placed: Our team is a sure bet to win.
a. A plan or an option considered with regard to its probable consequence: Your best bet is to make reservations ahead of time.
b. Informal A view or opinion, especially about something that cannot be known at the present time: My bet is that the rain will hold off. My bet is he didn't do it.
v. bet or bet·ted, bet·ting, bets
1. To stake (an amount, for example) in a bet.
2. To make a bet with: I bet them that we would be first.
3. To make a bet on (a contestant or an outcome).
4. To maintain confidently, as if making a bet: I bet they were surprised by the news.
To make or place a bet.
you bet Informal
Of course; surely.

[Origin unknown.]
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بِكُلِّ تأْكيد، بِدون أدْنى شَك
det kan du vædde pådet kan du være sikker på
biztosra veheted
aî sjálfsögîu


(bet) past tense, past participles bet, ~ˈbetted verb
(often with on) to gamble (usually with money) eg on a racehorse. I'm betting on that horse.
1. an act of betting. I won my bet.
2. a sum of money betted. Place your bets.
an even bet
an equal chance.
take a bet (often with on)
to bet. Are you willing to take a bet on whether he'll come or not?
you bet
certainly; of course.
References in classic literature ?
He may be simple about simple things like food, but you bet he's luxurious about luxurious things, especially little things.
and you bet your bottom dollar, Johnny, it AIN'T just as easy as it is for a cat to have twins
Ven der man bets on himself dat is der time you bet too--"