you bet

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1. An agreement usually between two parties that the one who has made an incorrect prediction about an uncertain outcome will forfeit something stipulated to the other; a wager: made a bet that it would stop raining before 2:00.
2. An amount or object risked in a wager; a stake: a bet of $50.
3. One on which a stake is or can be placed: Our team is a sure bet to win.
a. A plan or an option considered with regard to its probable consequence: Your best bet is to make reservations ahead of time.
b. Informal A view or opinion, especially about something that cannot be known at the present time: My bet is that the rain will hold off. My bet is he didn't do it.
v. bet or bet·ted, bet·ting, bets
1. To stake (an amount, for example) in a bet.
2. To make a bet with: I bet them that we would be first.
3. To make a bet on (a contestant or an outcome).
4. To maintain confidently, as if making a bet: I bet they were surprised by the news.
To make or place a bet.
you bet Informal
Of course; surely.

[Origin unknown.]
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بِكُلِّ تأْكيد، بِدون أدْنى شَك
det kan du vædde pådet kan du være sikker på
biztosra veheted
aî sjálfsögîu


(bet) past tense, past participles bet, ~ˈbetted verb
(often with on) to gamble (usually with money) eg on a racehorse. I'm betting on that horse.
1. an act of betting. I won my bet.
2. a sum of money betted. Place your bets.
an even bet
an equal chance.
take a bet (often with on)
to bet. Are you willing to take a bet on whether he'll come or not?
you bet
certainly; of course.
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"You bet your sweet life he don't," Bert exclaimed.
"You bet! You could a' made a straight, a straight flush, or a flush out of it."
'n that, you bet you." And once he said: "Hear him beg!