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(yʊər; unstressed yər)
contraction of you are.
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In a tweet posted on the official BTS Twitter account which featured J-Hope, Liza said: "Im your hope, youre my hope." .
class="Magazinebodytextspan xml:lang="EN-GBMaybe he tells you youre stupid.
For security reasons, sir, came the reply.Youre not a security man youre a doctor.
My personal opinion is that a lot of in-court time, whether thats in trial or anytime youre in a courtroom, a lot of it is performance-based.
When youre an administrator, youre with kids, but not every day in a one-on-one interaction.
The IRS can say, Its nice if you did this, but youre not getting the deduction.
Whether youre a certified applicator or driving the application equipment, you have to be trained, Todd Baughman, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension summer crop weed specialist, wrote in a prepared statement.
* Honor reservations, and dont make diners wait more than 15 or 20 minutes max for a confirmed time without offering them something that shows youre sorry they were inconvenienced.
If youre thinking of a place where your friends and family could kick back and relax after the big race on Tuesday, November 7, and if youre reading this, youve already found it!
And while youre busy having your heart broken while indulging in your "flings," your future, your life, is slowly slipping away.