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v. yowled, yowl·ing, yowls
To utter a long loud mournful cry; wail.
To say or utter with a yowl.
A long loud mournful cry; a wail.

[Middle English yowlen, probably of imitative origin .]


the action of expressing with or producing a loud mournful wail or cry; howling
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They can be neutered at four months old and the procedure also reduces their risk of illness, infectious diseases and anti-social behaviour like yowling and Viewed over 9,600 times by people in Tyneside on YouTube alone, the campaign included TV, radio, Facebook and local press advertising.
And when he finally returned, night after night, scratched And grinning, a torn cat yowling at elusive cloud-bruised Moons, tarnished with illicit passion, He would fall into an instant unremorseful sleep, His dreams a Sheherazade of consummations Into which he vanished without trace.
and that's not usually a 'meow' but a loud yowling sound) and I even read somewhere that some cats manipulate their owners into feeding them with a unique 'meow' - a purr mixed with a high-pitched cry.
But, now that the yowling cat is out of the bag, we hope that other singers demand that the practice be stopped, because it's unprofessional, and encourages others to fool the listening public, as well.
Yes, many Sussex spaniels will 'sound' by sometimes barking, yipping and yowling when on the hot trail of a moving gamebird like pheasants or a furred game animal such as rabbits," the colonel said, adding with a smile that "this giving voice habit" was like having a natural built-in beeper locator and better than a bell for keeping track of Jack in thick vegetation.
Besides, sterilised cats reduce fights, noise and yowling over territory and mating activities," she said.
In the first half of last night's live special, we had baby Pearl, born in the toilets of the Queen Vic to a mother in a yellow biker jacket, yowling like James Brown.
Another consideration: "Elderly cats are also prone to develop kidney disease and/or cognitive dysfunction--the feline equivalent of Alzheimer's--which can also cause late-night yowling, possibly due to anxiety," Dr.
What happened next will not amaze you: almost immediately, a flurry of followers began yowling, most of them sounding like that unbalanced character in a Samuel L.
Actor Josh Mumby, unrecognisable under such beastly prosthetics and flailing hair that at least one unhappy, wailing little voice could be heard in the theatre, is a prowling, yowling Beast who sings like a West End star.
A barking dog or a cat yowling at midnight can drown out a rooster - but the current ban on roosters would remain in effect.
The clatter of the cat flap as he came in, seemingly escaping the clutches of a marauding hedgehog; the yowling in the middle of the night when a scrap with next door's moggy wakes you up and the gentle rubbing and purring when his food bowl is being prepared; all are dreadfully missed.