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[New Latin, after Ytterby, a town in Sweden.]
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(Elements & Compounds) another name for yttrium oxide
[C19: New Latin, named after Ytterby; see ytterbia]
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(ˈɪ tri ə)

a white, water-insoluble powder, Y2O3, used chiefly in incandescent gas and acetylene mantles. Also called yt′trium ox′ide.
[< New Latin (1797), after Ytterby. See ytterbium, -a4]
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Zirconia nanoparticles stabilized with yttria are used to solve this problem.
Although the yttria partially stabilized zirconia currently in wide use is very strong, it possesses the fragility which is characteristic of ceramics.
The effect of varying the yttria concentration in the iron oxide on the redox reaction behaviors was investigated.
It is used in the production of a large variety of synthetic garnets [12], and yttria is used to make yttrium iron garnets ([Y.sub.3][Fe.sub.5][O.sub.12], YIG), which are very effective microwave filters.
Other topics include defect structure and oxygen diffusivity of niobia- doped ceria, solid state electrochemistry of fluoride ionic conductive materials, atomic level simulation of oxygen diffusion in yttria stabilized zirconia, and stability and electrical conductivity of perovskite proton conductors in pressurized steam.
Saint-Gobain ZirPro recently launched its Zirmil.2, a yttria stabilized zirconia media belonging to the ceramic bead range including ER120, Rimax and ZirStar.
In the present work, an in vitro drug release of two drug loaded forms (punched pellet and alginate beads) of the zirconia and yttria stabilized zirconia is studied.
According to ESL, the new ScSZ ceramic exhibits improved ionic conductivity and mechanical strength, with a coefficient of thermal expansion nearly equivalent to that of yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ).
Fabricated from tungsten, rhenium or iridium, the filaments are available in straight, hairpin, "V" shape, spiral or special configurations with yttria or thoria coatings and plain ends or platinum tabs for ease of welding.
An yttria slurry was made using an yttria flour with average particle diameter of 15 mm according to the first run in Table 1.
has obtained a metallic article having a thermal barrier coating system thereon, comprised of a metallic substrate having a composition comprised of nickel; and a thermal barrier coating on a surface of the metallic substrate, the thermal barrier coating comprised of, a metal-ceramic mixture, the metal-ceramic mixture comprised of yttria stabilized zirconia dispersed with aluminum particles, nickel-aluminum inter-metallic phases interposed between the metal-ceramic mixture and the surface of the metallic substrate, the nickel-aluminum intermetallic phases formed by a diffusion process between the metal-ceramic mixture and the metallic substrate.