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adj. yuck·i·er, yuck·i·est Slang
Repugnant; disgusting.

yuck′i·ness n.


(ˈjʌkɪ) or


adj, yuckier, yuckiest, yukkier or yukkiest
slang disgusting; sickening; nasty


(ˈyʌk i)

adj. yuck•i•er, yuck•i•est. Slang.
thoroughly unappetizing, disgusting, or repugnant.
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Adj.1.yucky - highly offensiveyucky - highly offensive; arousing aversion or disgust; "a disgusting smell"; "distasteful language"; "a loathsome disease"; "the idea of eating meat is repellent to me"; "revolting food"; "a wicked stench"
offensive - unpleasant or disgusting especially to the senses; "offensive odors"


Slang. Not pleasant or agreeable:
Informal: icky.


[ˈjʌkɪ] ADJasqueroso


yukky [ˈjʌkɪ] adj (fam) → schifoso/a
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And that they won't have treatment that tastes so yucky.
i love you more than moldy ham" is a squeaky, slimy, yucky version of the "I love you more than" rhyming stories often read to young children.
There'll be plenty of laughs, yucky muck, sing along songs - and opportunities for young audiences to join in.
They play all sorts of yucky games then cool down in a fruit bat drool paddling pool.
Putting a teaspoon in the top is weird and impractical, you risk having your eye taken out if you dare to use a normal wine stopper, and doing nothing results in yucky, flat wine the next day.
Some food is yucky and I don't really want to eat it, but these were all yummy - my favourite was the meatballs and pasta as they were the best meatballs ever.
A couple of years later, when the frequency had significantly decreased, she told me that sex makes her feel "all yucky.
If you have, Yucky You, is the show for you this Easter
SO, it looks like those nasty smoking sticks are all going to come in the same kind of box, which will apparently stop young people like myself wanting to take up the habit of sucking in a boatload of yucky smoke and then blowing it out on the world.
An Arab blogger share foods that will help anyone's body fight those yucky things that make all of us sick.
She added: "We all have those days where we feel yucky.
Overlong Canadian production may prove too clinically distanced for gorehounds and too yucky for specialty ands, though the Cronenberg imprimatur is sure to stir theatrical interest.