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A lightweight informal kimono, usually made of cotton.

[Japanese, short for yukatabira : yu, hot water (since it is worn before and after bathing) + katabira, cloth for a hanging screen, lightweight kimono (originally, one side of a lined kimono) (from kata, side, direction + hira, leaf, sheet).]
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(Clothing & Fashion) a light, cotton Japanese kimono worn during the summer or after a bath
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They hold several different types of tours, including one with accompaniment in full Yukata or Kimonos.
The book's springtime scenes, lucky cats, and colorful yukata in origami paper patterns pay cheerful tribute to traditional Japanese style and customs.
In addition to the new scenes, Futaba can also be seen among the other main party members celebrating a Japanese festival and wearing a yukata herself.
Must do: Participate in the Tanabata festival like a local by wearing traditional yukata or a summer kimono.
Spend days sinking into an onsen hot tub among the bamboo forest, indulging in a traditional Sitatsu massage - your yukata robe to hand - and wandering the perfectly-manicured gardens.
She also wants to organize more workshops on cooking, Japanese calligraphy, how to wear a yukata (a type of kimono) and origami.
The Japanese Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr Yukata Kikuta disclosed this during the inauguration of the Institutional and Human Capacity Strengthening support for the centre held on Tuesday at Jaji, Kaduna State.
Your futon bed will fold out from a cupboard and for relaxing you'll probably be provided with a yukata (a casual robe) in your room.
We walked around wearing a yukata, a casual kimono provided by the onsen, as we tried everything the spa had to offer.
Speaker of the Executive Yuan Kolas Yukata announced today that Premier William Lai and Legislative Yuan president Su Jia-chyuan reached an agreement over electorate boundary changes for the upcoming 2020 legislative elections.
Wearing a haori (jacket) over a yukata (a cotton kimono), we consumed the full kaiseki (traditional multi-course) dinner served by the elderly, but agile, ladies of the ryokan.