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 (yo͞o′lăn, yü′län′)
A deciduous Chinese tree (Magnolia denudata) often cultivated for its large, cup-shaped, fragrant white flowers. Also called yulan magnolia.

[Mandarin yùlán : , jade (from Middle Chinese ŋywk) + lán, orchid (from Middle Chinese lan).]


(Plants) a Chinese magnolia, Magnolia denudata, that is often cultivated for its showy white flowers
[C19: from Chinese, from yu a gem + lan plant]
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Roy Chan (partner, Shanghai) led the team, supported by Anderson Lam (Partner, Hong Kong), Yiyun Tang (Senior Associate, Shanghai), Luanne Lu (Senior Associate, Shanghai), Wu Sheng (Foreign Legal Consultant, Hong Kong), Yulan Ouyang (Associate, Shanghai) and Carmen Che (Associate, Hong Kong).
Zhao Yulan, 82, said she was rescued from her room, which she shared with 11 people.
Only myself and one other roommate managed to get out," survivor Zhao Yulan, 82, who shared her room with 11 other people, told Xinhua.
Following several editions plus the testimony of Taiping yulan 456, Zhu Zugeng (619 n.
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Zhang Yulan, presented the reports," Chinese Tissue Industry Changes and Prospects," and, "Chinese Disposable Hygiene Products Changes and Prospects" at the conference.
Like every year for the last 15 years Wang Yulan (53) has ushered in the Chinese New Year in Dubai with her 85-year old mother Shiu Li Chen.
Gou Juanqiong and another people research service system modeling method based on multi-layer ontology integration [4]; Ding Yulan and others study a set of SMDA service modeling method, and study its support tools [5]; At present, the study of SOA mainly be classified into the following aspects: theoretical model (reference model, service interface model, formalized description of a service-oriented architecture),service modeling, design, combination, The research of the combination of SOA and business process management (BPM), crossover study of service-oriented architecture, evolution model, simulation validation, the evaluation and testing of SOA, the standard research of neutral SOA, and the application of SOA [6].
Geng Yulan, who made pilgrimage to Mecca in 2006, said her family have made good use of the five day break.
Ni Yulan, a lawyer who helped defend property rights, was detained during a wave of arrests in 2011 and initially received a 32-month jail sentence, although an appeals court in China in 2012 dismissed her fraud conviction, reducing her jail time by two months.
There are seven appendices: previous scholarship on the Yingzao Fashi, named architectural types and structural elements in related texts, entries on architecture in the Taiping Yulan, comparisons of architectural terminology, and literary classics and historical sources cited in the Yingzao Fashi.