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 (yo͞o′lăn, yü′län′)
A deciduous Chinese tree (Magnolia denudata) often cultivated for its large, cup-shaped, fragrant white flowers. Also called yulan magnolia.

[Mandarin yùlán : , jade (from Middle Chinese ŋywk) + lán, orchid (from Middle Chinese lan).]
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(Plants) a Chinese magnolia, Magnolia denudata, that is often cultivated for its showy white flowers
[C19: from Chinese, from yu a gem + lan plant]
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It's actually the flower of the Yulan Magnolia tree, called the White Yulan, which is native to China.
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Interestingly while neither the Hou Han shu [phrase omitted] (320) nor the Dongguan Han ji [phrase omitted] (Taiping yulan [phrase omitted] It 526.2387b; Dongguan Han ji jiaozhu 126) mentions an image in connection with Emperor Huan's joint sacrifice to the Buddha and Laozi (Wu 2002: 43; Kamituska 1999: 525; cf.
As Yulan Egan, practice manager, research, at the Washington, D.C.-based Advisory Board, notes, "It is a huge shift for most providers--be it physician groups or hospitals.
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The video DIS/PLACE, 2016, by Shyboi, aka Yulan Grant, set on a small 4:3 monitor, offered a montage of old video clips documenting both black queer nightlife in New York and festive parties in Jamaica, blurring cultural scenes.
With the aim of recognizing sentence-level subjectivity, Yulan He [18] suggested SubjLDA through adjusting the unused Dirichlet allocation method by including an additional layer to describe subjectivity meaning.
In PRC academia, Yang Yi (2003) and Chen Yulan (2004) have usefully charted modern Chinese-language writing in Indonesia since its emergence in the 1920s.
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