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n. Informal
A young city or suburban resident with a well-paid professional job and an affluent lifestyle.

[From y(oung) u(rban) p(rofessional) (influenced by yippie).]

yup′pie·dom n.


n (inf) the rise of yuppiedom in the eightiesder Aufstieg der Yuppies in den 80er Jahren
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Yuppiedom quickly replaced the young radical of the 1960s and 1970s as the "Me Generation," now less idealistic and more practical, updated their values and grayed.
the most accurate answer would be: neither to religious cults nor yuppiedom, but to the classroom.
All this time I've been trying out suburbia: Yuppiedom, Republicans, Presbyterians.
And watching Sir Alan Sugar in The Apprentice, I am taken right back to those days of rampaging yuppiedom.
For example, if you didn't know that she grew up partly on welfare with a hardworking single mom, you might think that her worries about survival with three simultaneous babies were rooted in yuppiedom rather than realism.
Christian Fenouillat sets the action in yuppiedom, moving from a trendy apartment (with some mind-boggling artwork), through a haven of suburban escapism (complete with cornflakes on the terrace table), and into a private clinic, where Violetta, anchored to a drip, watches the festivities outside via a remote-controlled television.