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tr.v. yup·pi·fied, yup·pi·fy·ing, yup·pi·fies
To make (an urban area, for example) attractive to young affluent residents or consumers.

[yuppie + -fy.]

yup′pi·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.


(Sociology) informal made yuppie in nature


[ˈjʌpɪˌfaɪd] ADJ [bar, restaurant, area, flat] → de yuppies
he is becoming more and more yuppifiedse está haciendo cada vez más yuppie
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Yuppified duty-free shops, some for offshore brands she doesn't recognize even the font they're written in.
In the 90s, when I was a yuppified workaholic, it added 60 minutes of work, followed by a power breakfast, a power walk and a power deliberation as to how I'd ever existed without my pager, my bumbag and - oh, I'm welling up - my scrunchie.
Her tableaux are bright, miasmal, anxious--freakish pictures of what yuppified Brooklyn might look like ten years after the Bomb.
It was like The Tube but yuppified, commodified and seemed to be the start of a British television revolution named Zoo TV.
actual Mexican family members to cook for them or access to authentic Mexican restaurants -- than to have to dine at this yuppified fancy-Mex franchise.
Update (13:00): here's what we think may be a sighting of Mr Adoboli outside his flat, which is in a yuppified soup kitchen in a radical- chic bit of East London.
Indeed, it's something you can almost imagine a modern-day Lionel Jefferson saying to a yuppified Meathead.
I remember well that the anti-Vietnam War movement--another epic burst of left-wing activism--eventually morphed into the Yuppified Eighties once deprived of the catalysts from the military draft and Richard Nixon's painfully awkward V for Victory hand gestures.
More recently, especially along the rue des Francs Bour- geois, the neighborhood has become a bit yuppified, as chic upscale stores have moved in where there had once been local businesses.
With "thirtysomething"--the yuppified ABC drama that ran for four seasons (1987-91) amid a bevy of critical huzzahs--the duo brought intimacy and high drama to the bedroom and office.
The more yuppified the practice, the higher the rates of late adopters among physicians and parents," she said.
By ancient tradition, it begins in Iowa, an all-white, aging, economically populist, socially conservative state; then moves to New Hampshire, an all-white, increasingly yuppified, economically centrist, socially liberal state.