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tr.v. yup·pi·fied, yup·pi·fy·ing, yup·pi·fies
To make (an urban area, for example) attractive to young affluent residents or consumers.

[yuppie + -fy.]

yup′pi·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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(Sociology) informal made yuppie in nature
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[ˈjʌpɪˌfaɪd] ADJ [bar, restaurant, area, flat] → de yuppies
he is becoming more and more yuppifiedse está haciendo cada vez más yuppie
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Despite Lear's example, television immediately filled that void with yuppified sitcoms in which characters lived inwardly, in apathetic bliss and enviable creature comforts.
Yuppified duty-free shops, some for offshore brands she doesn't recognize even the font they're written in.
In the 90s, when I was a yuppified workaholic, it added 60 minutes of work, followed by a power breakfast, a power walk and a power deliberation as to how I'd ever existed without my pager, my bumbag and - oh, I'm welling up - my scrunchie.
Her tableaux are bright, miasmal, anxious--freakish pictures of what yuppified Brooklyn might look like ten years after the Bomb.
It was like The Tube but yuppified, commodified and seemed to be the start of a British television revolution named Zoo TV.
Instead of bemoaning the chain's obvious ignorance, I'll stick to simply feeling sorry for diners who have no other option -- i.e., actual Mexican family members to cook for them or access to authentic Mexican restaurants -- than to have to dine at this yuppified fancy-Mex franchise.
The houses were mostly rooming houses, and it was only later that it became "yuppified" as it now is.
"Update (13:00): here's what we think may be a sighting of Mr Adoboli outside his flat, which is in a yuppified soup kitchen in a radical- chic bit of East London.
Indeed, it's something you can almost imagine a modern-day Lionel Jefferson saying to a yuppified Meathead.
I remember well that the anti-Vietnam War movement--another epic burst of left-wing activism--eventually morphed into the Yuppified Eighties once deprived of the catalysts from the military draft and Richard Nixon's painfully awkward V for Victory hand gestures.
More recently, especially along the rue des Francs Bour- geois, the neighborhood has become a bit yuppified, as chic upscale stores have moved in where there had once been local businesses.
With "thirtysomething"--the yuppified ABC drama that ran for four seasons (1987-91) amid a bevy of critical huzzahs--the duo brought intimacy and high drama to the bedroom and office.