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1. A tree (Citrus junos) native to China and widely cultivated in Japan for its round, golden-yellow fruit.
2. The fruit of this tree, having sour juice used in sauces and dressings and an aromatic rind used as flavoring.

[Japanese, possibly from Mandarin yòuzi, pomelo fruit (from Mandarin yòu, pomelo from Middle Chinese jiw` + Mandarin zi, n. suff.; see gyoza) or possibly from earlier Japanese yusu, yu no su (Japanese yu, yuzu from Mandarin yòu, pomelo + Japanese no, possessive particle + Japanese su, vinegar).]
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(Botany) a citrus fruit about the size of a golf ball, a hybrid of a primitive citrus called Ichang papeda and a mandarin, which grows on tall trees in Japan and has a strong sour flavour. Its rind and juice are a popular ingredient in Japanese cookery
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For the yuzu-pink peppercorn gelee: In pot combine yuzu one lemon
MORNING AFTER MARTINI Ingredients: 42ml 42 BELOW vodka; 5ml 42 BELOW Manuka Honey vodka; 5ml 42 BELOW Passionfruit vodka; 10ml Cointreau Spirit of Citrus; 10ml Pure Yuzu juice; 10ml (808) Trading Co.
Middlesbrough-based media company Yuzu is providing a free website, which will hold two auctions.
Have a taste of Kobe beef with cold dishes, such as New-Style Sashimi (thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, sesame seeds, yuzu soy sauce, seared with hot olive and sesame seed oils); Tataki with Ponzu (lightly seared thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, ponzu sauce and ginger puree); Tiradito Nobu-Style (thinly sliced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, Peruvian chili puree with yuzu and lemon juice); and Tartar with Caviar (finely minced Japanese A5 Kobe beef, wasabi soy sauce and Ossetra caviar).
Liston specialises in yakitori, which will be a highlight on the tasting menu dinner featuring ingredients such as wakame, kombu, yuzu and laver.
yuzu juice and remaining oil and puree until smooth
Fun and fruity, a sunshine burst of grapefruit, raspberry, yuzu, lotus, violet and sambac.
Yuzu has used its creative and technical skills to successfully secure design and web development work for several top nightclubs across the UK.
Oyedo EDT by Diptyque from Rustan's-'Top notes are lime, mandarin orange, lemon and yuzu; middle note is thyme; base note is woodsy notes.
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