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also zaf·fre  (zăf′ər)
An impure oxide of cobalt, used to produce a blue color in enamel and in the making of smalt.

[Italian zaffera, from Old French safre, perhaps alteration of safir, sapphire; see sapphire, or from Arabic ṣufr, yellow copper, brass, from 'aṣfar, yellow; see ṣpr in Semitic roots.]


(ˈzæfə) or


(Elements & Compounds) impure cobalt oxide, used to impart a blue colour to enamels
[C17: from Italian zaffera; perhaps related to Latin sapphīrus sapphire]


(ˈzæf ər)

a blue pigment containing impure cobalt oxide, used in ceramic glazes.
[1655–65; < Italian zaffera, perhaps < Latin sapphīra sapphire]
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