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New zig- zags sprung into the cruel pattern sometimes, when she saw it through a burst of tears; but beautified or hardened still, always over it and under it and through it, she was fain to look in her solitude, seeing everything with that ineffaceable brand.
Jarndyce's door, Charley, and say you have come from me--'for the letter.'" Charley went up the stairs, and down the stairs, and along the passages--the zig- zag way about the old-fashioned house seemed very long in my listening ears that night--and so came back, along the passages, and down the stairs, and up the stairs, and brought the letter.
It is impossible to feel certain of how any team will fare in the wildest tournament in sports, but the Zags are as safe a bet as the other contenders.
What we had here was a fantastic battle between perpetual Cinderellas - just don't tell the 'Zags.
A Swansea Council spokesman said, 'People have been ignoring the no parking zig zags so this is something extra to remind them what they are there for.
Education chiefs have complained to police about Findlay leaving his posh Jaguar on zig- zag lines outside a primary school.
In recent days, there's been much speculation about the basketball program's future, and here the 'Zags are, playing in the NCAA Tournament in Portland, and isn't it convenient?
Gonzaga's Martin Centre, the aging barn known as The Kennel that is scheduled to be replaced next season by a new arena currently under construction next door, holds 4,000 screaming Zags fans, and it's full for every game.
"If someone was on the double yellow lines or the zig zags and a child was trying to cross, drivers would probably not see them until the last moment.
Zig zag; the surprising path to constant creativity.