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 (zä-gwän′, sä-)
A roofed entryway, especially one leading to the patio or courtyard of a house in the southwest US or Latin America.

[Spanish zaguán, from medieval Andalusian Arabic istawán, from classical Arabic 'usṭuwān, 'usṭuwāna, column, portico, partly from Persian ustuvān, firm, steady (from Middle Persian ōstīgā, probably from Old Iranian *abi-stā-, to put, place (from abi, to, over to, toward; see ambhi in Indo-European roots) + *stā-, to stand; see stā in Indo-European roots + *-kān-, adj. suff.) and partly from Syriac 'estwā, portico (from Greek stoa; see stoa) and Syriac 'estūnā, pillar (from Greek stūlos; see peristyle).]
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