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 (zə-kät′, -kăt′)
n. Islam
1. The obligatory contribution of a certain portion of one's wealth in support of the poor or needy or for other charitable purposes, considered as one of the duties of Islamic religious practice.
2. The amount owed or contributed for these purposes.

[Arabic zakāt, zakāh, purity, justness, alms, from Aramaic zākutā, innocence, justification, meritorious deed, from zəkā, to be innocent, be worthy, give alms, from Canaanite zākā or Akkadian zakû, to be pure, become pure, innocent; see ḏkw in Semitic roots.]


(Islam) Islam an annual tax on Muslims to aid the poor in the Muslim community
[from Arabic zakāt alms]
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Noun1.zakat - the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worshipzakat - the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship; "the zakat is earmarked for the poor and disabled"
charity - an activity or gift that benefits the public at large
pillar of Islam - (Islam) one of the five religious obligations accepted by all Muslims
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Zakat which literally means growth, extension and purification is a premium (in most cases annual) on all forms of accumulated productive wealth and on a variety of agricultural produce.
53 million out of zakat funds have been given to 295 applicants under dowry grant and social rehabilitation.
ABOUT 14 individuals received funds and equipment at the first zakat distribution ceremony of the Muslim Association of Nigeria Zakat Administration Programme (MANZAP), held earlier in the week in Ibadan, Oyo State.
MULTAN -- Provincial Minister for Zakat and Ushr Naghma Mushtaq Wednesday said that Punjab enhanced Zakat fund worth Rs 234 million with an objective to offer economic assistance to more needy persons.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Zakat and Ushr Naghma Mushtaq Lang on Friday said the federal government had been approached for the provision of Zakat funds to distribute them to the needy segments of society well in time.
Abu Dhabi: Donations by the Zakat Fund during the first eight months of the year crossed Dh173 millions, a 24.
La Zakat peut apporter des solutions d'urgence aux problemes de developpement [.
5(SUNA)-Ambassador of Indonesia to Sudan, Burhan Bedr-al-Zaman has hailed Sudan's experiment in Zakat work, pointing out that it has become one f the international experiments.
Lahore -- Provincial Zakat Council Punjab has approved 4147.
KUWAIT, June 2 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Zakat House has donated a sum of KD 300,000 for the release of a total of 158 women convicted of financial offenses, or those who have been issued arrest warrants.
Islamic economics literature is rich in highlighting the welfare potential of Zakat, but very few empirical studies have undertaken the quantitative estimation of potential Zakat collection.
beaucoup moins que] Le fonds de la zakat necessite une administration specialisee et une volonte politique pour le reactiver et accelerer sa fiabilite.