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Any of various chiefly tropical American cycads of the genus Zamia, having a thick, usually underground stem, palmlike terminal leaves, and seeds borne in woody cones.

[New Latin Zamia, genus name, from misreading of (nūcēs) azāniae, pine cone (nuts), probably from Greek azainein, to dry up, from azein, to dry; see as- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Plants) any cycadaceous plant of the genus Zamia, of tropical and subtropical America, having a short thick trunk, palmlike leaves, and short stout cones
[C19: from New Latin, from Latin zamiae, erroneous reading of phrase nucēs azāniae pine cones, probably from Greek azainein to dry up]
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(ˈzeɪ mi ə)

n., pl. -mi•as.
any of various plants of the genus Zamia, chiefly of tropical and subtropical America, having a short, tuberous stem and a crown of palmlike pinnate leaves.
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Noun1.zamia - any of various cycads of the genus Zamiazamia - any of various cycads of the genus Zamia; among the smallest and most verdant cycads
cycad - any tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales; having unbranched stems with a crown of fernlike leaves
genus Zamia - genus of small evergreen tropical and subtropical American cycads
coontie, Florida arrowroot, Seminole bread, Zamia pumila - small tough woody zamia of Florida and West Indies and Cuba; roots and half-buried stems yield an arrowroot
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Muslims ending their fast on the first Iftar of the Holy month of Ramadan at a public Iftar organised by Iman Cultural Center at Lootah Zamia mosque in Deira, Dubai on Monday 06 May 2019.
Leaf traits and herbivory levels in a tropical gymnosperm, Zamia stevensonii (Zamiaceae).
Cycad genera either diversified in the Palaeogene (66-23 MYA), and had two diversification rate shifts, or during the Neogene (23-2.6 MYA), with four rate shifts accounting for each of the four richest genera: Cyacas, Zamia, Encephalartos and Macrozamia (Condamine et al., 2015).
Adult moths that appeared morphologically similar to species in the genus Anatrachyntis (Lepidoptera: Cosmopterigidae) were observed emerging from male cones of Zamia integrifolia (Zamiaceae) collected in Coral Gables, Florida, USA, during Dec 2014 at a time when the cones were releasing pollen.
At right, a potted cardboard palm (Zamia furfuracea), accompanied by trailing succulents, greets visitors at the door.
According to the report, the first mishap took place in Karor Lal Esan district of Layyah where the woman sprayed petrol over the stove to ignite it however; it burst into flames and scorched two-year-old Zamia sitting near stove.
resinosa, Y09611), (80%, Zamia fischeri, KC899695.1), GGM9 (76%, Gnetum gnemon, AJ132215.1), GbMADS3 (76%, G.
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Over the next ten years, she produced a series of portraits set against the river and the Indian Ocean, and pursued an analysis of plant forms such as the zamia palm, xanthorrhoea, banksia, and the majestic melaleuca, to brilliant effect.