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Any of various chiefly tropical American cycads of the genus Zamia, having a thick, usually underground stem, palmlike terminal leaves, and seeds borne in woody cones.

[New Latin Zamia, genus name, from misreading of (nūcēs) azāniae, pine cone (nuts), probably from Greek azainein, to dry up, from azein, to dry; see as- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) any cycadaceous plant of the genus Zamia, of tropical and subtropical America, having a short thick trunk, palmlike leaves, and short stout cones
[C19: from New Latin, from Latin zamiae, erroneous reading of phrase nucēs azāniae pine cones, probably from Greek azainein to dry up]


(ˈzeɪ mi ə)

n., pl. -mi•as.
any of various plants of the genus Zamia, chiefly of tropical and subtropical America, having a short, tuberous stem and a crown of palmlike pinnate leaves.
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Noun1.zamia - any of various cycads of the genus Zamiazamia - any of various cycads of the genus Zamia; among the smallest and most verdant cycads
cycad - any tropical gymnosperm of the order Cycadales; having unbranched stems with a crown of fernlike leaves
genus Zamia - genus of small evergreen tropical and subtropical American cycads
coontie, Florida arrowroot, Seminole bread, Zamia pumila - small tough woody zamia of Florida and West Indies and Cuba; roots and half-buried stems yield an arrowroot
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black sand of the hill, all limestone beneath, where zamia palms and
Quenine was recorded as the 'zamia palm' by Drummond (1862:27).
Edwards (1894:233) recorded that the fruit of the zamia palm was called boyah 'on account of its symmetrical form ...' (see also Grey 1840:17, who suggests By yu relates to boy), biu or bayio, the 'nut of the zamia palm' (Ward and Fountain 1907:211-12), and baio-tree (Fountain 1907:212, who also presents bi-u, biu and bayi-o).