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also zem·in·dar  (zăm′ən-där′, zĕm′-, zə-mēn-där′)
1. An official in precolonial India assigned to collect the land taxes of his district.
2. A landholder in British colonial India responsible for collecting and paying to the government the taxes on the land under his jurisdiction.

[Hindi zamīndār, from Persian : zamīn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots + -dār, -holder; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]


(zəmiːnˈdɑː) or


(Agriculture) (in India) the owner of an agricultural estate
[via Hindi from Persian: landholder, from zamīn land + -dār holder]


or ze•min•dar

(zə minˈdɑr)

1. (in British India) a landlord required to pay a land tax to the government.
2. (in Mogul India) a collector of farm revenue, who paid a fixed sum on the district assigned to him.
[1675–85; < Hindi < Persian zamīndār landholder =zamīn earth, land + -dār holding, holder]
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The Chief Secretary took notice on shortage of water supply in Aziz Street, Burfat and Essa Goth, Yaqoob Jakhia Goth near Shrine of Baba Shah Aqiq Zamindar Hotel, Gulbahar no.
I wish I had done it again - I said this year I'd finally go back to Zamindar and I found out he was retired
Tenders are invited for bank protection work from zamindar para burning ghat to baxidanga village area along the right bank of river sahu at sannyasikata gp in mouza sannyasikata under blockrajganj in the district of jalpaiguri
This daughter of Zamindar returned after a break when finishing a well-beaten third behind the classy Letters Of Note in January and, last time, did little wrong when going down by a half-length to Marise over course and distance.
PoolA, Nishter Club, USGC Club, Pak Shaheen Club, Muslim Club, T&T Club, Alhamra Club while PoolB, AlMuslim, Zamindar Club, Youngman Club, Muhammadan Club, Pindi United Club, Young Star Club.
ABU DHABI -- "Wateen Telecom board today announced that Rizwan Tiwana has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company as Naeem Zamindar has stepped down as CEO and Board Member of Wateen Telecom after completing a three and a half year-tenure that led to the restructuring and reorganization of Wateen.
At Lingfield in April the Zamindar colt was beaten only a length by Richard Hannon's Intrigo at level weights.
He had a rather chastening experience on his return in April at Epsom, though, as the gelded son of Zamindar suffered bad interference at an important time and was shuffled back into sixth spot in a valuable handicap.
Summary: Born into a zamindar family from Madras in 1917, she was married off to another zamindar Apparao Bahadur of Vayyur.
The villagers mostly work as labourers in the fields of the local zamindar.
The three-year-old son of Zamindar showed blinding speed in a six-furlong maiden at Doncaster in June, before growing a shade weary inside the final 150 yards.
Naeem Zamindar will be the CEO of Wateen while Muneer Farooqui stays as CEO of Warid Telecom.