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also zem·in·dar  (zăm′ən-där′, zĕm′-, zə-mēn-där′)
1. An official in precolonial India assigned to collect the land taxes of his district.
2. A landholder in British colonial India responsible for collecting and paying to the government the taxes on the land under his jurisdiction.

[Hindi zamīndār, from Persian : zamīn, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots + -dār, -holder; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]
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(zəmiːnˈdɑː) or


(Agriculture) (in India) the owner of an agricultural estate
[via Hindi from Persian: landholder, from zamīn land + -dār holder]
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or ze•min•dar

(zə minˈdɑr)

1. (in British India) a landlord required to pay a land tax to the government.
2. (in Mogul India) a collector of farm revenue, who paid a fixed sum on the district assigned to him.
[1675–85; < Hindi < Persian zamīndār landholder =zamīn earth, land + -dār holding, holder]
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Riazuddin Sheikh, Nadira Panjwani, Saleem Zamindar, Moin M.
Zamindar Action Committee pointed out to Commissioner Kalat Division and Deputy Commissioner, Lasbella that only 17% water was being supplied to agriculturist out of 104 cusec water received from Hub Dam through the Lasbella canal.
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Sharif had taken over from Naeem Zamindar who had been appointed to the post in by the previous Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government.
Sharif took over the helm from Naeem Zamindar who was appointed to the post in by the previous Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government.
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Under the agreement, Telenor Pakistan, through its flagship m-agri service 'Khushaal Zamindar', will collaborate with Winrock International to facilitate farmers by increasing productivity and reducing post-harvest losses through the introduction of innovative techniques and technologies in 12 districts of Sindh and Punjab provinces.
Modi claimed that the former chief minister was turning out to be the "biggest zamindar" (landowner) in Bihar.
PBC recently held the second investment conference that featured Mohammed Zubair, the Governor of Sindh, as the Chief Guest and Naeem Zamindar, Minister of the State, Chairman of Board of Investment.
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Zamindar invited on Tuesday, the Kuwaiti investors for taking the advantage of lucrative investment opportunities existing in different sectors of Pakistan economy.