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also zem·in·dar·y  (zăm′ən-där′ē, zĕm′-, zə-mēn-)
n. pl. zam·in·dar·is also zem·in·dar·ies
1. The system of tax collection by zamindars.
2. The area administered by a zamindar.

[Hindi zamīndāri, from Persian, from zamīndār, zamindar; see zamindar.]


(zəmiːnˈdɑːrɪ) or


n, pl -is
(Agriculture) (in India) a large agricultural estate
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After independence, the Princely States, jagirs, and zamindaris were abolished throughout the country.
The new organisation had been founded a year earlier by a Muslim lawyer of great talent, Fazl-ul-Huq, nicknamed the Tiger of Bengal, who had spent many years defending the rights of sharecroppers and tenants against their landlords, Hindu zamindaris and Muslim nawabs.
Pertinently, the hub of operation clean- up of the anti- zamindari crusade is the office of the Union Sports Secretary, Pradip Kumar Deb.
The abolition of the zamindari (land holding) system in 1951 stripped the large landlords of the bulk of their estates and awarded the land to the cultivators.