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1. (Theatre) a type of Spanish vaudeville or operetta, usually satirical in nature
2. (Cookery) a seafood stew
[from Spanish, from La Zarzuela, name of the palace near Madrid where such vaudeville was first performed (1629)]
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(zɑrˈzweɪ lə, -ˈzwi-; Sp. θɑrˈθwɛ lɑ, sɑrˈswɛ-)

n., pl. -las (-ləz; Sp. -läs).
a Spanish opera having spoken dialogue and often a satirically treated topical theme.
[1885–90; < Sp]
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Aside from decades of experience in film, Siguion-Reyna also performed leading roles in musical theatre and in "zarzuelas.
Domingo, who spent his youth performing zarzuelas in his parents'
Young's musical descriptions include mention of meters and affects of nineteenth-century dance types that appear in zarzuelas, as well as knowledgeable commentary on forms and types of ensembles.
Not that anyone would guess it from the handful of zarzuelas performed so far in Canada.
The texts of many genero chico and longer musicalized plays (most generally now referred to as zarzuelas), when interpreted within the dynamic geopolitical contexts attending their production and reception, elucidate the processes through which a mass entertainment genre may be subtly adapted so as to resonate with the changing preoccupations of the theater-going public.
The monument was built by Aguman 33, a group of actors in Soto's zarzuelas, in 1919 or a year after the death of the playwright-patriot.
La Revoltosa, by Ruperto ChapA- (1851-1909) is one of the most popular zarzuelas, and it is considered to be one of the summits of this music genre.