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The primary form of meditation in Zen Buddhism, practiced while sitting cross-legged.

[Japanese : za, to sit down (from Early Middle Chinese dzwa'; also the source of Mandarin zuò) + zen, silent meditation; see Zen.]
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(Buddhism) (in Zen Buddhism) deep meditation undertaken whilst sitting upright with legs crossed
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Also known as 'Zazen', the meditation technique involves observing and letting go of your thoughts and feelings as they pass; for this reason it's sometimes referred to as "thinking about not thinking".
Other facilities include a Japanese restaurant, large communal baths/outdoor baths, Zen garden, and multi-purpose room where guests can practice zazen meditation.
One can achieve this state by clearing the mind of all thoughts through the practice of zazen meditation.
I learned Transcendental Meditation and then learned and began to practice zazen. I experienced a sense of freedom in leaving Christianity behind me.
The birthday dinner on the beach at the ZaZen resort, was conceptualised, planned, arranged, organised and supervised by the two young adults without giving moi a whiff of what was in store.
Simple changes--like waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual to savor the morning, or creating a pocket of quiet at work by doing a "chair zazen" (sitting up straight and breathing slowly)--will make a difference in your daily flow.
A practitioner of Zazen meditation Eckhart did not talk about mysterious energies, infinite souls or positive intentions.
The meditation central to Zen, called zazen, involves a more "choiceless awareness" rather than the single-object concentration developed through mindfulness, but its goal is the same: to experience the world fully through the present moment.
Zazen Salon Spa has been acquired by Marvin and Lannea Riggs.
That's Zen in a nutshell-and You don't have to be students of a Zen roshi and live in a monastery to undergo rigorous zazen and koan conditioning to appreciate its basic lessons.