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The primary form of meditation in Zen Buddhism, practiced while sitting cross-legged.

[Japanese : za, to sit down (from Early Middle Chinese dzwa'; also the source of Mandarin zuò) + zen, silent meditation; see Zen.]


(Buddhism) (in Zen Buddhism) deep meditation undertaken whilst sitting upright with legs crossed
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That's Zen in a nutshell-and You don't have to be students of a Zen roshi and live in a monastery to undergo rigorous zazen and koan conditioning to appreciate its basic lessons.
Sengai se dio cuenta que la posicion natural de la rana es parecida a la del zazen, incluso llegando a retratar en, uno de sus mas famosos trabajos, a una rana sonriente con la leyenda "Si un humano puede llegar a ser un Buddha al practicar zazen .
Rockefeller Center has welcomed three new unique retailers: the popular gift shop PIQtoo; T2, which reimagines tea; and Korean jewelry retailer Zazen Bear.
Shortly thereafter, while the detective and the master are sitting in zazen side by side, the master slowly tips over and dies, representing the detective successfully incorporating his tertiary function into his psyche.
In zazen meditation, all mental constructs are seen as clouding the perception of pure awareness.
You could say this is a metaphor for zazen (Zen meditation).
om meditation, zazen meditation, loving-kindness meditation).
Una recomendacion universal para el zazen sugiere que se debe prestar atencion al hecho de que incluso el Buda Sakyamuni (17) tuvo que practicar el %a%en (meditacion sentado) durante seis anos.
An umpan --literally cloud plate--is a flat gong struck to signal the beginning or end of a period of zazen (the seated meditation at the heart of Zen Buddhist practice), or to announce mealtimes.
Zazen has a triple purpose: the search to concentrate energy; the experience of the supreme truth as united with the universe that is expressed in warm enthusiasm and the resulting freedom and joy, very often with miraculous events; and the experience of the highest way in all our existence and in our daily life, especially in showing sympathy and love for all living things.