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Excessive zeal; fanaticism.


extreme or excessive zeal or devotion


(ˈzɛl ə tri)

excessive zeal; fanaticism.

zealotism, zealotry

a tendency to undue or excessive zeal; fanaticism.
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Noun1.zealotry - excessive intolerance of opposing views
intolerance - unwillingness to recognize and respect differences in opinions or beliefs


[ˈzelətrɪ] Nfanatismo m


nFanatismus m, → blinder Eifer
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"The worst vice of a fanatic," Oscar Wilde once noted, "is his sincerity." The sincerity of American zealotry cannot be in doubt, especially today.
Aided by a superb array of archival news footage and present-day interviews with former Weathermen and one of the FBI agents who pursued them, the film captures the symbiotic relationship of the right- and left-wing political zealotry of the Vietnam era.
New allegations continue to and bishops have not yet inspired confidence by trading years of indifference for the unseemly zealotry of zero tolerance.
Their zealotry quickly became the stuff of legends.
For those of you who were victims of the ban and did not get to see it, it was a satire on religious zealotry and the willingness of people to follow false prophets.
Given the present zealotry of the religious right, these works of Aquinas are worth our careful consideration.
But Johns believes the biggest threat is "multilateral trade negotiations, underpinned by free market zealotry."
His passion about this corner of North England is undermined by the proselytising prose which like most pieces of zealotry actually has the opposite effect to that intended.
We must educate Americans about the threat to churchstate separation and individual freedoms that this movement poses and call on them to reject extremism and religio-political zealotry.
Rich Tafel, executive director of the gay group Log Cabin Republicans, says even some well-known congressional conservatives are seeking to avoid the taint of zealotry.
The more extreme version of this charge - and one that I often encounter as both a scientist and a rationalist - is an accusation of zealotry and bigotry in scientists themselves as great as that found in religious people.
Religious zealotry, nostalgia for a more culturally "pure" America, and a frightening rhetoric that encourages violence in the name of deeply held ideals fuels white supremacists and many anti-abortionists alike.