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or ze·beck  (zē′bĕk′)
Variant of xebec.


(ˈziːbɛk) or


(Nautical Terms) variant spellings of xebec


or ze•bec

(ˈzi bɛk)

a small three-masted vessel of the Mediterranean, formerly much used by corsairs and later employed in commerce.
[1750–60; alter. of earlier chebec < French < Catalan xabec or Sp xabeque (now jabeque), both < Arabic shabbāk]
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Few of the major competitors currently working in the offshore structural analysis software market are: DNV GL, Zebec Marine Consultant and Services, Viking Systems, Stewart Technology Associates, John Wood Group PLC., Dlubal Software GmbH, BENTLEY SYSTEMS, INCORPORATED, BakerRisk., BMT Limited, Ramboll, and others.
Zebec Energy wants to build a plant to turn waste from feed manufacture into methane gas.
Zebec Energy's Mr Jenkins said disruption to traffic would be "unavoidable" but added: "It will be a temporary and one-off thing."
The editors have respected Conrad's inconsistencies (mistakes?), as when he uses two acceptable spellings for the same word, "chebek" and "zebec," or wavered between using hyphens for the same word ["'good-bye' eight times with a hyphen and three times without" (234)].
(1) Ethnochoreologists have been describing this phenomenon for a fairly long time (Crum 1961; Hoerburger 1968; Dunin and Zebec 2001: 133-271; and many others), but no broadly shared terminology or set of concepts has taken hold.
(1995), on the discovery of childrenite; and works by other scientists including Vladimir Zebec and Vesna Srot.
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Vocalis Inc, the US subsidiary of the international speech technology group, has formed an important new partnership with Zebec Data Systems of Houston, a data warehousing company in the US healthcare industry.
More data on hyalophane crystallographic forms were published by Baric (1955, 1961, 1972), Trubelja and Baric (1979) and Zebec (1978, 1988).