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also ze·bec or ze·beck  (zē′bĕk′)
A small three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and lateen sails.

[French chebec, probably from Catalan xabec, from Arabic šabbāk, from šabaka, to entwine, fasten; see śbk in Semitic roots.]








(Nautical Terms) a small three-masted Mediterranean vessel with both square and lateen sails, formerly used by Algerian pirates and later used for commerce
[C18: earlier chebec from French, ultimately from Arabic shabbāk; present spelling influenced by Catalan xabec, Spanish xabeque (now jabeque)]


or ze•bec

(ˈzi bɛk)

a small three-masted vessel of the Mediterranean, formerly much used by corsairs and later employed in commerce.
[1750–60; alter. of earlier chebec < French < Catalan xabec or Sp xabeque (now jabeque), both < Arabic shabbāk]
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