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1. Any of several African trees (especially Microberlinia brazzavillensis) or tropical American trees having striped wood.
2. The wood of any of these trees, used in cabinetmaking.


(ˈzɛbrəˌwʊd; ˈziː-)
1. (Plants) a tree, Connarus guianensis, of tropical America, Asia, and Africa, yielding striped hardwood used in cabinetwork: family Connaraceae
2. (Plants) any of various other trees or shrubs having striped wood
3. (Forestry) the wood of any of these trees


(ˈzi brəˌwʊd; Brit. also ˈzɛb rə-)

1. a tropical American shrub, Connarus guianensis, yielding a hard, striped wood.
2. the wood itself, used in making furniture.
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Noun1.zebrawood - handsomely striped or mottled wood of the zebrawood tree; used especially for cabinetwork
zebrawood tree, zebrawood - any of various trees or shrubs having mottled or striped wood
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
2.zebrawood - any of various trees or shrubs having mottled or striped wood
zebrawood - handsomely striped or mottled wood of the zebrawood tree; used especially for cabinetwork
Connarus guianensis - tropical American and east African tree with strikingly marked hardwood used in cabinetwork
arariba, Centrolobium robustum - Brazilian tree with handsomely marked wood
Eugenia dicrana, nakedwood - tree of extreme southern Florida and West Indies having thin scaly bark and aromatic fruits and seeds and yielding hard heavy close-grained zebrawood
Astronium fraxinifolium, goncalo alves - tall tropical American timber tree especially abundant in eastern Brazil; yields hard strong durable zebrawood with straight grain and dark strips on a pinkish to yellowish ground; widely used for veneer and furniture and heavy construction
marblewood, marble-wood - hard marbled wood
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Inside is a full-length centre console that splits both front and rear seats and interiors with diamond-quilted leather and zebrawood.
The boards come in several finishes, including walnut, cherry, maple, white oak, wenge and zebrawood.
Herring Dustin & Angela, to Hunt Daren T; 1203 Zebrawood St, Florence; $334,000.
Zebrawood, or zebrano, has a long list of uses for furniture and architectural millwork.
Some finishes in this posh loo include stone, zebrawood, Venetian plaster, fabric, and leather wall coverings.
Zebrawood stocks have a full pattern of feathers or scales except for an oval with the company's name in the center.
We're talking dove gray, flat silver, brilliant red, soft lilac and emerald green--this is the basic palette-- set against exotic woods such as Makassar ebony, zebrawood, and the refined metals of bronze, brushed steel and nickel.
Also known as tigerwood or zebrawood, goncalo alves is popular for specialty items, turnings and musical instruments, particularly guitars.
You can solve for ''x'' with one of Modshop's side tables, with zebrawood, hickory, rosewood or oak veneer tops on sleek, chrome, X-shaped legs.
The eye modules in this 2012 film follow upon a sequence in which similarly shaped zebrawood eggs "dance" on a tabletop.
DC Distributing stocks exotic wood veneers, such as zebrawood, afromosia, wenge and eucalyptus edgebanding, plus bamboo in 3mm (caramelized and natural).
Initially the speaker will be offered in 3 hand-rubbed real-wood finishes including black ash, dark cherry, and new for 2010, zebrawood.