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 (zĕ-kē′nō) also zec·chin or zech·in (zĕk′ĭn)
n. pl. zec·chi·ni (-nē) or zec·chi·nos also zec·chins or zech·ins
See sequin.

[Italian; see sequin.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
(Historical Terms) another word for sequin2
[C18: from Italian; see sequin]
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He had managed to coax old Brus, the gardener, into letting him have the key to the little postern gate on the plea that he wished to indulge in a midnight escapade, hinting broadly of a fair lady who was to be the partner of his adventure, and, what was more to the point with Brus, at the same time slipping a couple of golden zecchins into the gardener's palm.
Further, two gold zecchins were not often come by so easily as this; and if the dear Lord Jesus saw fit, in his infinite wisdom, to take this means of rewarding his poor servant it ill became such a worm as he to ignore the divine favor.
Ah, the good horse that was brought all the long way from Barbary, he takes no more care of him than if he were a wild ass's colt and the noble armour, that was worth so many zecchins to Joseph Pareira, the armourer of Milan, besides seventy in the hundred of profits, he cares for it as little as if he had found it in the highways
This year, it is the turn of Vittorio Zecchin (1878-1947), the founder of modern artistic glass in Murano.
In addition to this, they identify the need to improve interventions which help to perform an exact assessment of BGL (Sparacino, Facchinetti, Zecchin, & Cobelli, 2014) not only in special circumstances but also for occasions where carrying out an analysis is not possible.
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O exercicio pode melhorar a sinalizacao intracelular desta via (Vind e colaboradores, 2012; Zecchin, Carvalheira e Saad, 2004).
Judging from the results of this paper and previous applications of MMAS to water distribution systems by Zecchin et al.
An interpreter needs to be able to deal with many challenges throughout the interpreting process and, most significantly, handle severe time pressure at all times (Riccardi, Marinuzzi, & Zecchin, 1998).