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 (zĕ-kē′nō) also zec·chin or zech·in (zĕk′ĭn)
n. pl. zec·chi·ni (-nē) or zec·chi·nos also zec·chins or zech·ins
See sequin.

[Italian; see sequin.]
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n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
(Historical Terms) another word for sequin2
[C18: from Italian; see sequin]
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For example, in March, long-time beauty industry executives Ron Robinson, Jules Zecchino and Donna Barash launched Universal C Skin Refiner under Robinson's BeautyStat banner.
the word 'sequin' originates from the Venetian zecchino, meaning a Venetian coin.
Hairdresser Alison Lithgow also played non-stop karaoke music loudly in her flat above Marisa Zecchino's bistro.
It is refreshingly more neutral in tone, although the decision to translate the Venetian zecchino coin into its English equivalent "sequin" is a poor one given the much more common use of the word in the arts (sums in lire instead are left in the original).
Focus: Open Meetings Law Richard Zecchino and Adams Outdoor Advertising Limited Partnership (collectively, Adams), appeal an order of the circuit court dismissing its action against the Dane County Board of Supervisors and certain members of the Board regarding the renewal of a billboard lease.
Zecchino et al., "Transient neonatal diabetes mellitus is associated with a recurrent (R201H) KCNJ11 (KIR6.2) mutation," Diabetologia, vol.
"Cardiff marks an interesting milestone in our growth plan, this will be our first franchised cafe and we couldn't ask for a better location in which to further prove our already thriving concept," said its co-founder Andrea Zecchino.
"Stratford-upon-Avon's wine connoisseurs are certainly in for a treat!" Andrea Zecchino, co-founder of Veeno, said: "We're looking forward to expanding Veeno into the West Midlands and bringing a taste of Italian culture to Stratford-upon-Avon.
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 Other guest stars in the episode are Eileen Barnett, TJ Zecchino, Matthew Bridges and Nicole Dele.
Developed primarily by Jules Zecchino, a former head of Estee Lauder's skin care R&D for more than two decades, Erasa is described as "representing the pinnacle of a total skin care solution, combining best-in-class anti-wrinkle technology with proprietary and patented actives that stimulate the skin's power to rejuvenate." The secret to relaxing deep lines and wrinkles lies with the product's three neuropeptides.