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 (zĕ-kē′nō) also zec·chin or zech·in (zĕk′ĭn)
n. pl. zec·chi·ni (-nē) or zec·chi·nos also zec·chins or zech·ins
See sequin.

[Italian; see sequin.]


n, pl -ni (-nɪ)
(Historical Terms) another word for sequin2
[C18: from Italian; see sequin]
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Thereafter, Richard Zecchino and Adams Outdoor Advertising sued the board and some of the individual supervisors.
Cardiff marks an interesting milestone in our growth plan, this will be our first franchised cafe and we couldn't ask for a better location in which to further prove our already thriving concept," said its co-founder Andrea Zecchino.
Andrea Zecchino, co-founder of Veeno, said: "We're looking forward to expanding Veeno into the West Midlands and bringing a taste of Italian culture to Stratford-upon-Avon.
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the word 'sequin' comes from the Venetian zecchino, which was a coin issued in 1284.
amp;nbsp;Other guest stars in the episode are Eileen Barnett, TJ Zecchino, Matthew Bridges and Nicole Dele.
The formulation was crafted by Jules Zecchino, chief scientist with BioMimetics Laboratories.