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 (zăm′ən-där′, zĕm′-, zə-mēn-där′)
Variant of zamindar.


(Agriculture) a variant spelling of zamindar
zeminˈdari, zeminˈdary n


or ze•min•dar

(zə minˈdɑr)

1. (in British India) a landlord required to pay a land tax to the government.
2. (in Mogul India) a collector of farm revenue, who paid a fixed sum on the district assigned to him.
[1675–85; < Hindi < Persian zamīndār landholder =zamīn earth, land + -dār holding, holder]
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The author has painstakingly researched among the old files of newspapers such as the 'Zemindar' and 'Inqilab' and other defunct periodicals.
The governor and many of his staff and the British residents ran for safety to the ships in the harbour, leaving women and children behind and a garrison of only 170 English soldiers to defend the fort under the command of John Zephaniah Holwell, who was the Company's zemindar, responsible for tax collection and keeping law and order.