zener diode

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ze·ner diode

or Ze·ner diode  (zē′nər)
A silicon semiconductor device used as a voltage regulator because of its ability to maintain an almost constant voltage with a wide range of currents.

[After Clarence Melvin Zener (1905-1993), American physicist.]
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Zener diode

(Electrical Engineering) a semiconductor diode that exhibits a sharp increase in reverse current at a well-defined reverse voltage: used as a voltage regulator
[C20: named after C. M. Zener (1905–93), US physicist]
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(or Ze′ner) di`ode

(ˈzi nər)
a semiconductor diode across which the reverse voltage remains almost constant over a wide range of currents, used esp. to regulate voltage.
[1955–60; after U.S. physicist Clarence Melvin Zener (born 1905)]
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* a differential resistance of a Zener diode [r.sub.d] = [du.sub.ZD]/[di.sub.ZD] in its operating domain is far less than the impedance [u.sub.0]/[I.sub.0] (number 1 denotes the linearized current-voltage characteristic of a Zener diode);
Collocated detector design with minimum Zener Diode distances
M10 Confusion about the status of a zener diode when forward or reverse bias is applied.
Zener diode according to the manufacturer for voltage 3V.
Feed-through MLVs can also save up to 90 percent of the board space that diode solutions, ferrite beads, and capacitors would require, and they are more reliable than zener diodes.
The price paid for this improvement of linearity is the higher phase noise due to the noise generated by the zener diode. Also, the input impedance at the tuning port is lowered, and the tuning speed will be slower due to the response time of the zener diode and the RC delay from the biasing resistors and diode capacitance.
Gravitational Wave Experiments with Zener Diode Quantum Detectors: Fractal Dynamical Space and Universe Expansion with Inflation Epoch.
The software comprises modules for visualization and simulative manipulation in the "half-wave rectifier", "half-wave rectifier with filter", "full-wave rectifier", and "Zener diode" units.
1 (guided by Cahill's Figure 3 right hand side) I reconstructed the experimental electrical circuit diagrams of the inverted arrangement on a common plane formed by the electrical loops defined by the battery, Zener diode and resistor.
The TVS works like a Zener diode, but has a stepper reverse IV curve, and withstands higher peak currents.5 When the voltage and current pulses were measured, the average power during one pulse was 3.2 W, centered about f = 5.55 GHz.