(zîr′ō-bās′, zē′rō-) or ze·ro-based (-bāst′)
Having each expenditure or item justified as to need or cost: "Zero-base budgeting requires its practitioners to justify every dollar they spend" (Wall Street Journal).




(Accounting & Book-keeping) accounting relating to a form of budgeting in which items are considered in their own right and not with reference to previous expenditure
vb (tr)
US to apply zero-base principles to (a question, issue, etc)


or ze′ro-based`,

according to present needs only, without reference to previous practice: zero-base budgeting.
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The service has initiated a zero-base budget review program for the first time in more than two decades.
Driving a ZBx mentality means securing commitment from the CEO and the leadership team to continuously zero-base and to communicate the benefits of long-term change.
Other factors that will have a deep impact on the budget are the increase in interest rates in the US, the depreciation of the Mexican peso versus the US dollar--which implies increased costs for debt payment--and the decision of the Pena Nieto administration to apply the zero-base concept to the budget, which requires that all expenses be justified for each new period that is covered.
This guide outlines financial management aspects in public and nonprofit agencies, including the role of accounting; internal control, revenue, purchasing and inventory, cash, and borrowing and debt management; the budgeting function; expenditure forecasting; budgeting as a management tool; capital budgeting; line item and performance budgeting; the planning, programming, budgeting system; zero-base budgeting and total quality management; information needs and financial management; auditing; reporting; and evaluating fiscal health.
The City of Garland, Texas, has a long and interesting history with zero-base budgeting, often referred to as ZBB.
Jet Airways announced the introduction of a zero-base commission for tickets issued on or after May 1, 2008.
Because finances vary each year, zero-base budgeting helps to achieve the optimum value from available funds from year to year.
To keep up with changes in the financial environment, the 2nd phase zero-base financial deregulatory reform is in progress this year following the first phase last year.
Still, because costs can be hard to contain, many campus managers are zero-base budgeting their food operations by focusing on student needs.
If the inspection system relies on demerits, it can perhaps be rendered more effective by change to a more positively oriented, zero-base system.
Back in the 1970s, Zero-base budgeting (ZBB) was very much in the news.
The zero-base budgeting process maximizes the fact-to-guess ratio.