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(zîr′ō-ko͞o′pŏn, -kyo͞o′-, zē′rō-)
Paying no interest to the holder and sold at a discount from face value: a zero-coupon bond.


(esp. of a bond) bearing no interest but sold substantially below face value.
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The minister is offering those that are holding out a zero-coupon bond issued by the federal Treasury.
Fannie Mae will redeem on 25 March 2011 its USD150m zero-coupon MTN due 25 March 2039, USD250m 3.
Global Banking News-January 12, 2011--AMCON to issue more zero-coupon bonds(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
The Treasury held an auction to sell 182-day (6-month) TRY-denominated zero-coupon reference T-bills.
4 In the case of a tax-exempt zero-coupon bond, the original issue discount is apportioned among holders as explained in Q 1117, but not included in income.
Stripped bonds are artificially "manufactured" zero-coupon bonds (see Chapter 7).
The investment had the same characteristics as a low risk, zero-coupon bond.
said Monday it will issue up to 250 billion yen worth of five-year Euroyen zero-coupon convertible bonds on Dec.
Federal agencies such as the Federal Home Loan Bank System and the Federal Home Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) began issuing zero-coupon bonds in June 1997.
Zero-coupon bonds became zero-return bonds, since investors got no money from interest payments before disaster struck.
The mortgage product is the zero-coupon, interest-only, fixed-rate mortgage, or ZCIOFRM.
Because indexed debt provides protection of principal, the Internal Revenue Service would likely require investors to impute any increase in the nominal value of the principal as part of current income, as is the precedent with zero-coupon securities.