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(zîr′ō-ko͞o′pŏn, -kyo͞o′-, zē′rō-)
Paying no interest to the holder and sold at a discount from face value: a zero-coupon bond.
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(esp. of a bond) bearing no interest but sold substantially below face value.
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According to the ministry, the second type, zero-coupon bonds, recorded a balance of about EGP 203.635m at the end of February 2018, with interest rates averaging 16.514%.
In Section 2, the new pricing models of zero-coupon bond and European option are established, and then the corresponding pricing formulas are derived.
LTNCDs covered included the P2.86 billion worth of notes carrying 3.25 percent annual fixed rate and another P2.14 billion worth of zero-coupon LTNCDs both due in May 2019.
To model this, Tchuindjo [7] provided closed-form solutions for pricing zero-coupon defaultable bonds.
"All such low-coupon bonds should be treated in the same way as zero-coupon bonds."
The z-spread is a pricing tool which calculates the number of basis points that need to be added to a zero-coupon yield curve to make the bond's discounted cash flows equal the bond's present value.
Consider [I.sup.j.sub.t], the domestic-denominated price of the foreign currency unit J and [B.sub.J](t,T), the foreign zero-coupon bond of country J.
The zero-coupon OID notes are due February 2, 2012, and can be converted into common stock of the company at the lender's option at a price of USD0.40 per share.
Global Banking News-January 12, 2011--AMCON to issue more zero-coupon bonds(C)2011 ENPublishing -
3- The Treasury Undersecretairat will sell 595-day (20-month) TRY-denominated zero-coupon bonds.
The plans include JPY11.8bn of zero-coupon notes due March 2011 and USD300m of one percent bonds due in April 2011.