(zîr′ō-dē′fĕkt′, -dĭ-fĕkt′, zē′rō-)
Having no flaws or errors: a zero-defect political campaign.
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Seeking a balance of automated and manual processes, Pankl High Performance Systems--a new division of Pankl Racing AG--chose an intelligent material handling solution from KNAPP that epitomises the logistics provider's zero-defect philosophy.
Crystal Group's certification to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D comes on the heels of winning a Gold Supplier Award from BAE Systems for the company's outstanding achievement of 100 percent zero-defect, on-time product and service delivery throughout all of 2017.
The company has confirmed that its innovative range of UV light fluorescing adhesives, under both blue and yellow-green UV wavelengths, will bring new confidence to the process of zero-defect detection, especially for manufacturers of corrugated boxes and folding cartons.
The BISE had organized a training workshop for head examiners and sub examiners at Guru Nanak High School in which Superintendent Secrecy Branch Muhammad Tahir and Assistant Muhammad Yousuf gave briefing on zero-defect marking process.
Hand soldering of high-density printed boards demands highly skilled operators to ensure a zero-defect soldering process, and this contest--IPC's annual competition at SMT Hybrid Packaging--will recognize the best skills in hand soldering complex printed board assemblies.
They have no other choice than to produce zero-defect quality.
Michael Moseley both resigned in the wake of these incidents, and on 24 October 2008 the new secretary of the Air Force, Michael Donley, and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen Norton Schwartz issued their "Strategic Plan to Reinvigorate the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise." (7) Notably, the strategic plan identified the establishment of a "zero-defect" culture as a primary attribute for a successful Air Force nuclear enterprise, stating "there is no tolerance for complacency or shortcuts as we rebuild a 'zero-defect' culture." (8)
The desire to achieve zero-defect production in injection molding and the increasing complexity of molded parts have stimulated the development of a number of sensors to transmit information from inside the mold and allow dynamic control of the injection-molding process.
hire anyone it can't explicitly trust to deliver zero-defect, salable loans," WeissMalik added.
* 100% zero-defect parts quality in plastics injection molding apps.