(of atmospheric conditions) having or characterized by zero visibility in both horizontal and vertical directions.
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When you turn up it's zero-zero and that's why the team that's running last can be the team that's running first on any given day.
'They definitely have a chance because the beginning of a game is zero-zero,' Balkman explained.
"We went in zero-zero at half time and wanted to build on it.
The General Directorate of Traffic tolerates a 30% tinting of side windows (Zero-one) and a zero-zero tinting of front windshields.
Zero-zero against a team like Germany that came out really strong and they kind of hanged around there."
While directional control on and above the runway also must be priority, establishing and maintaining a positive rate of climb is a critical part of the zero-zero takeoff.
Making this disclosure while fielding questions from journalists at a Gateway Forum organised by aviation journalist in Lagos, the Managing Director of NAMA Captain Fola Akinkuotu said the deployment of the above hi-tech navigational equipment would ensure that aircraft can land in zero-zero visibility given the adverse weather at certain times within the year.
"This is a one-off cup game, and everyone starts at zero-zero and we have to be ready for a hard game as they'll be ready for the same.
Although the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot side have widely interpreted the Greek Cypriots' position on guarantees and troops as a 'zero-zero' stance, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides has repeatedly denied this is the government's goal.
Miliband added: "We will not tolerate a zero-zero economy where hundreds of thousands are kept on zero-hour contracts while a tiny privileged minority pay zero tax.
Britain needed to ditch its "zero-zero" economy, he said, complaining that some of the poorest were stuck on "zero hours contracts" - jobs with no guarantee of a minimum amount of work - while some of the richest paid zero tax.
But Central Massachusetts was also well-represented on the "zero-zero'' list, which consists of 24 companies without women on their boards of directors or in top management positions.