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a. Flavor or piquancy: a spice that lends zest to the sauce.
b. Interest or excitement: "A spiral staircase always adds zest to a setting" (P. J. O'Rourke).
c. The outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit, used as flavoring: added a pinch of grated zest.
2. Spirited enjoyment; gusto: "At 53 he retains all the heady zest of adolescence" (Kenneth Tynan).
tr.v. zest·ed, zest·ing, zests
To remove small pieces from (a rind from a citrus fruit) for use as a flavoring in cooking: zested the lemon.

[Obsolete French zest, orange or lemon peel (now spelled zeste), bitter woody membrane dividing the kernel inside a walnut shell, citrus zest, from Middle French, alteration (perhaps influenced by zeste, onomatopoetic word used to imitate the sound of a hit or blow) of earlier zec, something of little value or importance, probably of imitative origin (expressing the idea of smallness).]

zest′ful adj.
zest′ful·ly adv.
zest′ful·ness n.
zest′y adj.
Synonyms: zest, gusto, relish
These nouns denote keen, hearty pleasure or appreciation: ate the delicious meal with zest; told the amusing story with gusto; has no relish for repetitive work.
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Adv.1.zestfully - with zest; "she scrubbed the floors of the new apartment zestfully"
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[ˈzestfəlɪ] ADVcon entusiasmo
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The feelings are the same when a mum gives to her son some home-made or hand-knitted pullover or some such thing that she has prepared zestfully.
A bright student with an insatiable curiosity, Jeremy lived life zestfully and had a mischievous side, too.
[USA], May 3 (ANI): After zestfully hosting the Billboard Music Awards 2019, singer Kelly Clarkson underwent an appendix surgery hours after the event.
Sopranos were occasionally flimsy in tone, every choral society could do with more tenors, but the overall effect was zestfully stirring, not least in a splendid, wonderfully affirming account of "The Heavens are Telling".
He turns out to be a local crime boss known as The Big Man, zestfully played by Joe Foust who makes chowing down on Chinese noodles menacing.
The event was 'OPM Revisited,' zestfully subtitled 'Mga Awit na may Hugot,' back-to-back concerts recently held in Baguio City, at the watering hole simply called Canto, with its delicious Filipino-Spanish cuisine, and at Teatro Amianan, University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio.
Before King's assassination, the flagship magazine of "intellectual conservatism" was effusive about the "non-violent avenger" and "his legions [being] most efficiently, indeed most zestfully repressed." William F.
"Amis's great gift is a corrosively satiric voice, often very funny, zestfully profane, obscene, and scatological.
Thomas, Kevin (1993c): ""Outrageous 'Legend': Martial Arts With a Comic Kick: A contest for love leaves two families hopelessly and zestfully entangled", en Los Angeles Times, July 9: http://articles.latimes.com/1993-07-09/entertainment/ca-11342_1_martial-arts-movies.
She kicked around at the leaves on the ground for a while, with me making a decent effort to do my forty-seven-year-old-man version of zestfully scouring the forest floor.
Sachin makes a touching gesture towards the end of the number as he zestfully raps out the names of nearly 50 cricketers with whom he has been teammates all through his illustrious career, starting from his early- year colleagues as Kapil Dev, Ravi Shastri and K.
By the mid-1990s, Indian artists were more pragmatic; they zestfully entered the global art scene, now sparkling with biennales.