zigzag goldenrod

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Noun1.zigzag goldenrod - a variety of goldenrodzigzag goldenrod - a variety of goldenrod    
goldenrod - any of numerous chiefly summer-blooming and fall-blooming North American plants especially of the genus Solidago
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April's sweet Cicely, May's sweet rockets, ragwort, dock, and poison hemlock, June's cinquefoil and hollyhocks, July's avens and caraway, September's zigzag goldenrod and small-flowered asters send up fresh leaves.
White and violet asters, orange beggarticks, burr marigolds, tall goldenrod, zigzag goldenrod and Japanese knotweed come into bloom, blending with the brightest of the purple ironweed, yellow sundrops, blue chicory, golden touch-me-nots, showy coneflowers and great blue lobelia.
Quickweed still provides a deep green border to the paths, and a few lance-leaf and zigzag goldenrod still hold.